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Soliloquy By Shakespeare's Cat

To go outside, and there perchance to stay
Or to remain within: that is the question:
Whether 'tis better for a cat to suffer
The cuffs and buffets of inclement weather
That Nature rains on those who roam abroad,
Or take a nap upon a scrap of carpet,
And so by dozing melt the solid hours
That clog the clock's bright gears with sullen time
And stall the dinner bell. To sit, to stare
Outdoors, and by a stare to seem to state
A wish to venture forth without delay,
Then when the portal's opened up, to stand
As if transfixed by doubt. To prowl; to sleep;
To choose not knowing when we may once more
Our readmittance gain: aye, there's the hairball;
For if a paw were shaped to turn a knob,
Or work a lock or slip a window-catch,
And going out and coming in were made
As simple as the breaking of a bowl,
What cat would bear the household's petty plagues,
The cook's well-practiced kicks, the butler's broom,
The infant's careless pokes, the tickled ears,
The trampled tail, and all the daily shocks
That fur is heir to, when, of his own free will,
He might his exodus or entrance make
With a mere mitten? Who would spaniels fear,
Or strays trespassing from a neighbor's yard,
But that the dread of our unheeded cries
And scratches at a barricaded door
No claw can open up, dispels our nerve
And makes us rather bear our humans' faults
Than run away to unguessed miseries?
Thus caution doth make house cats of us all;
And thus the bristling hair of resolution
Is softened up with the pale brush of thought,
And since our choices hinge on weighty things,
We pause upon the threshold of decision.

~Henry Beard

Originally posted by [ profile] elenbarathi at "Soliloquy By Shakespeare's Cat" by Henry Beard
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Tumblr lolcat

I just learned that british photographer Harry Pointer made a lot of captioned photographs of cats in various situations in the late 19th century...

look at this:

the lolcat is over a century old

(from granadahvlmes Tumblr, who got it from transtrendad's Tumblr)

Information about the photographer and more images:
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Originally posted by [ profile] levkonoe at А. Маскаев
Автор картины - в заголовке, при копировании просьба указывать автора!
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...How many mice can you count? ;)

Originally posted by [ profile] levkonoe at А.Долотов (xenopus)

Автор картины - в заголовке, при копировании просьба указывать автора!
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(via ASAPScience and IFLScience FB pages, respectively)
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One of T.S. Eliot's lighter poems...note the allusions ;)

Macavity: The Mystery Cat

Macavity's a Mystery Cat: he's called the Hidden Paw--
For he's the master criminal who can defy the Law.
He's the bafflement of Scotland Yard, the Flying Squad's despair:
For when they reach the scene of crime--Macavity's not there!

Macavity, Macavity, there's no-one like Macavity/ He's broken every human law, he breaks the law of gravity... )
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Do watch--this is very short and equally funny, and has a deeper implication, too...;)  Found via [ profile] kavery--many thanks!

Hee hee ;)

Jun. 28th, 2014 10:53 am
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 photo 9648d0bfdddc358bed16eca63e03fdc3_zps19629b93.jpg
The Stay-lace, engraved by Alfred Leon Lemercier (19th century) (litho), Maurin, Nicholas Eustache (1799-1850) (after)
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Originally posted by [ profile] levkonoe at Хочется мира и покоя. John Sloane

Автор картины - в заголовке, при копировании просьба указывать автора!
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Из Контактика

Originally posted by [ profile] goand at И мне!
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Originally posted by [ profile] kavery at Кошь и шарик
Оригинал взят у [ profile] jollyj в Кошь и шарик
Дитя с дня рождения подружки шарик приволокла :))))/ "My daughter brought home a balloon from her friend's birthday party":

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(found via [ profile] anastgal--many thanks!)
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(cross-posted from [ profile] 1word1day)

ai·lu·ro·phile noun \ī-ˈlu̇r-ə-ˌfī(-ə)l, ā-\ : a cat fancier : a lover of cats

Greek ailouros, cat

First Known Use: 1914

Bonus cat facts here: Fun facts about our mysterious feline friends (it was in this article that I ran across this word)

and there are two cat-themed books on this list:

23 Weird Books that Really Exist
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With thanks to [ profile] sirius_nst for pointing these out ;)
Mitzi in human form:

And Mitzi in Art Nouveau style:

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Fare Well

When I lie where shades of darkness
Shall no more assail mine eyes,
Nor the rain make lamentation
When the wind sighs;
How will fare the world whose wonder
Was the very proof of me?
Memory fades, must the remembered
Perishing be?

Oh, when this my dust surrenders... )


As I mused by the hearthside,
Puss said to me;
'there burns the fire , man,
and here sit we.

Four walls around us
against the cold air;
and the latch drawn close
to the draughty stair.

A roof o'er our heads... )
Walter de la Mare
(thanks to [ profile] petrusplancius for the poems!)


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