"Feed me!"

May. 30th, 2017 04:34 pm
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"Feed me!”/Artist credit: John Holcroft

(Source and a variety of satirical illustrations here
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The Sciences Sing a Lullabye

Physics says: go to sleep. Of course
you’re tired. Every atom in you
has been dancing the shimmy in silver shoes
nonstop from mitosis to now.
Quit tapping your feet. They’ll dance
inside themselves without you. Go to sleep.

Geology says: it will be all right. Slow inch
by inch America is giving itself
to the ocean. Go to sleep. Let darkness
lap at your sides. Give darkness an inch.
You aren’t alone. All of the continents used to be
one body. You aren’t alone. Go to sleep.

Astronomy says: the sun will rise tomorrow,
Zoology says: on rainbow-fish and lithe gazelle,
Psychology says: but first it has to be night, so
Biology says: the body-clocks are stopped all over town
History says: here are the blankets, layer on layer, down and down. 

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Apr. 19th, 2017 04:17 pm
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Someone's torn the curtain
And I think it must be me.
I climbed up to the window
And the curtain caught my knee.
And then it wrapped my foot up
And I heard a hole, you see.
Someone's sure to notice
'Cos it's bigly as can be.
They're coming, I can hear them
Up the stairs to have their tea.
I wish I was the bigly hole
And bigly hole was me.

(illustration by Margaret Tarrant, verses by Marion St. John Adcock; reposted from The Golden Age of Illustration group on FB)

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Apr. 1st, 2017 06:06 am
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The wonderful Mervyn Peake:

"There's nothing makes a Greenland whale
Feel half so high and mighty
As sitting on a mantelpiece
In Aunty Mabel's nighty."
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] kavery at Вечерняя сказка
Elizabeth Foste

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Feb. 22nd, 2017 06:13 am
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(Artwork by Millicent Sowerby)
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"What is that howling so loud on the moor, Holmes?"

"That's the voice from the heavens, asking Putin to remain in his post as the president."

(following up on this post)
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(an illustration by Ida Outhwaite, posted in FB group The Golden Age of Illustration)
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(from FB's group, Golden Age of Illustration)


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