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I found this bit especially interesting:

"Underemployment — the barista problem — is also overstated. When researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York looked at that issue, they found that the share of recent college graduates in low-wage jobs rose from 15 percent in 1990 to 20 percent in 2012, the latest year in the report — hardly an epidemic.

They also found that over the years, about one-third of recent graduates have always worked jobs that don’t require college degrees but pay decent wages nonetheless — and that has been as true for science and business majors as for those with degrees in humanities and social sciences.

Even in good times, it’s quite typical for recent college grads to take several years to find jobs that make use of their education."
Meet the parents who won’t let their children study literature: Forcing college kids to ignore the liberal arts won't help them in a competitive economy., from The Washington Post
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...With the drawings and writing still intact! Do take a look:

in this article from UpWorthy
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Please vote for our local elementary school; all it takes is one click, it won't ask you for personal info or subscribe you to anything, and the school gets $1 from Target for each vote. Thank you :)

EDIT: Voting extended till Sept 30.
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Yale, Stanford, MIT, Cornell, and many other universities around the world have introduced free open courses in subjects like physics, biology, and chemistry. In many cases, there is a semester’s worth of recorded lectures, along with exams to test your knowledge. If you have ever wanted an Ivy League science education, here’s your chance!

Complete list here:

Photo credit: Yale University

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Yale, Stanford, MIT, Cornell, and many other universities around the world have introduced free open courses in subjects like physics, biology, and chemistry. In many cases, there is a semester’s worth of recorded lectures, along with exams to test your knowledge. If you have ever wanted an Ivy League science education, here’s your chance!Complete list here: credit: Yale UniversityNote: In the event of a crashed server, please bookmark and try again later.
(via Science is Awesome FB page)
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Originally posted by [ profile] prettygoodword at grawlix
grawlix (GRAWL-iks) - n., a string of typographical symbols such as @#$%&?! used to represent swearing, especially in comics.

Yes, there's a technical name for it. Coined by Mort Walker, the creator of Beetle Bailey, in a 1964 article "Let's Get Down to Grawlixes" in the newsletter of the National Cartoonists Society in the US. This was later reprinted (expanded?) in The Lexicon of Comicana. The coinage, along with several others such as jarns, quimps, and nittles, all of them making typographic distinctions among obscenities, was intended to be satirical, but has since adopted for real. Why grawlix, which originally meant a spiral symbol, was the one that came to mean any sort of such substitution is a @#$%&*ing mystery, though the title of the original essay may have had something to do with it.

I shouted @#$%&?! when I banged my elbow, and while Mom was all, Watch your bleeping mouth, Dad was just, Nice grawlix son.

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I would have given him 100%  (not I, the original poster of this ;))
Q1. In which battle did Napoleon die?
* his last battle

Q2. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
* at the bottom of the page

11 more questions )
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Результаты тестирования

8 из 8 - Поздравляем, вы - вымирающий вид россиянина, отлично знающего свой родной русский язык. Вы один из немногих носителей элитарного знания, доступного в наше время единицам (4% от общего числа опрошенных). Второй вариант: вы - выпускник, которого хорошо натаскали на сдачу экзамена по русскому языку. Третий вариант: вы – репетитор. Или просто закончили филологический факультет и пошли работать не по специальности.*

*Подробнее о проведенном ВЦИОМом опросе, и о том, как это же задание выполнили
другие россияне, читайте в материале на

А я и вовсе не филолог...и уже 18-й год не живу в России....:P

А тест вот здесь, если кто хочет попробовать--он займёт всего несколько минут!
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From Conan Doyle's talk "The Romance of Medicine", which he gave to the students at St. Mary's Hospital, London, in 1910:

"....[Medicine] tinges the whole philosophy of life and furnishes the whole basis of thought. The healthy skepticism which medical training induces, the desire to prove every fact, and only to reason from such proved facts--these are the finest foundations for all thought. And then the moral training to keep a confidence inviolate, to act promptly on a sudden call, to keep your head in critical moments, to be kind and yet strong--where can you, outside medicine, get such a training as that?...And then there is another way in which it acts. It sets a very high standard of strenuous work. You may not consider this altogether an advantage while you do it, but it remains a precious heritage for life. To the man who has mastered Grey's Anatomy, life holds no further terrors...All work seems easy after the work of a medical education."
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From Conan Doyle's letter, at the age of 17:

"...It is indeed, as you say, a very great consolation to know that I will never more need mathematics. Classics I like, and I shall always try to keep up my knowledge of them, but mathematics of every sort I detest and abhor."

And the editor of the book wryly remarks, "So when the time came to create an arch villain for Sherlock Holmes, he made Professor James Moriarty a mathematician."
Reminded me of this rather:

"Who on earth was Euclid?!"
(Jeremy Brett)

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Found via  [ profile] sun_star_n_moon  ;)
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...even in my nursing studies! Have a look at what the nurse is wearing ;)
How to uncover post-stroke depression
Sherri Melrose PhD, RN 

Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!
July/August 2010 
Volume 8 Number 4
Pages 31 - 37


Often undetected, post-stroke depression occurs in at least one-third of stroke survivors. Nurses can help by recognizing and responding to patients who become depressed after experiencing a stroke. We fill you in on how to assess this disorder and what treatment options are available.

Emotional disturbances following the trauma of experiencing a stroke aren't unexpected. Survivors often feel angry and fearful, experiencing a deep sense of loss. Rehabilitating from the devastation of paralysis, sensory disturbance, language deficits, and problems with thinking and memory is seldom straightforward. All too often, however, the psychiatric illness of post-stoke depression is overlooked and undertreated within the rehabilitative process.

Figure. No caption a... - Click to enlarge in new window Figure. No caption available.

In this article, I'll identify the incidence and prevalence of post-stroke depression, describe measurement considerations to detect the disorder, and discuss treatment approaches.

Defining depression

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) categorizes post-stroke depression as a mood disorder due to a general medical condition. Major depression and minor depression are the conditions most often associated with stroke.

Read more at:

Hee ;)

Apr. 26th, 2010 06:44 pm
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A senior colleague posed this question the other day...

I wonder...

This has been the subject of much discussion in several courses I've taken for my Master's degree in nursing. And in one of the classes, someone made this comment (don't recall who, which class, or the original source of the comment):

The public sees the nurse as one of the four:

1. The ministering angel (Lady with the lamp)
2. The doctor's handmaiden (Yes, Sir, let me fetch the chart and hold the towel for you)
3. A battleaxe (like Nurse Ratchett)
4. A sex symbol (No comment)

So! I'd love to hear others' opinions :)


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