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A bit (or maybe more than a bit) over the top, but perhaps some of you might find it amusing ;)
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A short French cartoon about living with being different...can't find it with English subtitles, unfortunately.

(found via [ profile] luch_svetik--many thanks!)
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Ich beholde emeraude treen, and eke roses redde,
For me and yow thei bloome on the mede,
And methinketh, ywis, what a merveil ys thys worlde

Lo, azur skyes and cloudes pearl-lyned
The fayre bright daye, the nightes sacred shryne,
And methinketh, ywis, what a merveil ys thys worlde

The colors of the rainbowe have beauté yn the welkin
And also goodlye faces of the folke that walke and wenden

Looke upon felawes shakinge handes, askinge 'how fareth yt wyth thee?'
But trewleye thei yntend to sayen 'thou art beloved by me.'

Ich hear the cryinge babes, Ich see as thei grow,
Thei shal know more than Ich evir know
And methinketh, ywis, what a merveil ys thys worlde

Aye, mekinketh, ywis, what a merveil ys thys worlde

(heere endeth Chauceres translacioun of the songe of What a Merveil Ys Thys Worlde)

(done by ChaucerDothTweet)

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Quite a few of these rather interesting trees, blooming pinkish-purple, in our area (and not only in ours, the video is from Greece, I believe)
As you can see in the close-up photo, the flowers are right on the branches...

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This is a one-person play, a graduation project for theater majors.

Only 12 minutes, and well worth watching ;)

Originally posted by [ profile] 65redroses at Just the vocal mask.
So a new friend, Johanna kindly cut down my gala video so that it's just the vocal mask. Here it is in case anyone wanted to post it or watch it without having to join veho.

Life on ward 8A from Johanna on Vimeo.
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(it's under 3 minutes and very cute :)
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(do take a look, the video is less than a minute long :))
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Dr. Watson addresses Sherlock Holmes (this is from the last ep of the Russian series, "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson", filmed from 1978-1984 or so)

"As I recall the good old days, these killers, rippers, other criminals whom you'd pursued in the last century, they seem to me innocent babes, naive lambs, compared to the wolves whom we've met recently. A person could steal a million, or to kill a wealthy uncle--those, I can understand. But how could one understand some sort of highly-placed criminal, who, only for the sake of making a profit for himself, pushes his own people towards war?"

...someone clipped this, you see, in response to this...

Livanov, who played Sherlock Holmes in the series, receives a government award and makes a little thank-you speech:

"Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, ladies and gentlemen, friends! I thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, for honoring me with this award. Recently, when you were in Chelyabinsk, you have troubled all of us when you verbalized your thoughts about the fact that perhaps you should no longer be working as the President. You know what, Vladimir Vladimirovich, if sometime you attentively raise your eyes to the sky, you will then hear a voice, "Don't even think about it." And that will be a voice of your and our great homeland, Russia. Thank you."
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Friends have shown me these, last week; thought I'd share...

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The entire cartoon: "The Flying Ship"

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(that's the only video I could find of the song with these lyrics...yeah, I don't know why the penguins, either ;))

Lyrics: )

Children's version:

translation of lyrics: )

*--a Russian phrase similar in meaning to "bats in the belfry)


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