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Реальность  и виртуальный мир)))
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Sunshine Snail Mail is a public FB page, which provides names and mailing addresses of children with cancer and other chronic illnesses who would appreciate some happy mail (cards, stickers, etc.).

If you like sending cards, take a look; the page is public, so you should be able to view it without having a FB account; let me know if that's not the case and I can repost some of the info to my LJ.

This FB page provides free printable stationery designs, take a look:

Little Bird Lettersets

There are some very cute designs, holiday and otherwise; I'd saved some to my files. Again, you should be able to view it without having a FB account; let me know if that's not the case.
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No shame in channel change

Tuning out politics and tuning in to pop culture isn’t just a guilty pleasure. Doing so can help keep our minds from exploding.


The line to ask Connie Britton a question stretched down the aisle at the theater in the National Museum of Natural History, where the “Nashville” and “Friday Night Lights” star was onstage for a Smithsonian Associates event. It was January, 10 days after President Trump’s inauguration. Sarah Leavitt of Silver Spring, Md., approached the microphone: “I just wanted a little life advice tonight.” ¶ Leavitt, 46, explained that she felt overwhelmed by a barrage of news since Trump took office, including the volume of opportunity for activism, such as phone calls to representatives and participating in the Women’s March. A few days earlier, she bailed on plans with friends to see “Dirty Dancing” on the big screen — it didn’t feel right on the same night that people were storming airports to protest Trump’s executive order for a Muslim travel ban. ¶ “I can’t understand how to talk about pop culture and how to be a citizen in this world that we’re in at the same time,” Leavitt said. “And I was just wondering, how do you calibrate your time, and think that we should calibrate our time now in this new situation?”

Britton responded, “I’ve been thinking about the exact same thing . . . . I think we’re all figuring it out.”

Six months later, the Washington news cycle rages on both sides of the aisle, with constant headlines about health care and Donald Trump Jr.’s emails. Political activism is especially alive in liberal areas such as Washington, a city where a third of the people have protested Trump, according to a Washington Post poll. And some still wrestle with the idea that it’s okay to step away. Binge-watch a show. See a movie. Listen to a podcast. Deep down, it’s easy to feel as though you’re doing something wrong for not focusing enough attention on serious issues.

After Britton’s response, the Q&A moderator, NPR writer and “Pop Culture Happy Hour” host Linda Holmes, had a metaphor to share:

“Did you see ‘The Martian’ with Matt Damon? He’s got a big thing he’s trying to solve, which is that he’s stuck on Mars and he has to get back to Earth. And they spent a lot of time in the movie on the fact that he has to figure out how to grow potatoes on Mars. The potatoes on Mars do not actually get him back to Earth. He’s not actually solving the problem. But if he doesn’t have potatoes, he’s not going to live long enough to solve the problem and get back to Earth.”

She continued: “So, to me, my hope is, the songs that you love, the books that you love, the TV that you love, the conversations that you have about people that are kind of nourishing to you, help you — those are your potatoes . . . and you have to have that stuff in order to make it long enough to get back to Earth.”

Judging by the applause from the audience, Holmes’s words struck a chord. And they hit a bigger nerve the next day, when I tweeted a transcript of her quote. It was retweeted thousands of times and responses poured in, with sentiments along the lines of “This made me cry” and “I really needed to hear this right now.”

“To me, it encapsulated and distilled a fairly complex idea into a simple one,” said Mike Nothnagel, 42, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. “The world is a challenging and serious place, but you have things you like that can help you navigate it.”

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From The Heart is a public FB page, which provides names and mailing addresses of elderly people who could use some birthday cheer, "thinking of you" cards, people in nursing homes, etc.

If you like sending cards, take a look; the page is public, so you should be able to view it without having a FB account; let me know if that's not the case and I can repost some of the info to my LJ.

This FB page provides free printable stationery designs, take a look:

Free Penpal Stationery

There are some very cute designs, holiday and otherwise; I'd saved some to my files. Again, you should be able to view it without having a FB account.

"Feed me!"

May. 30th, 2017 04:34 pm
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"Feed me!”/Artist credit: John Holcroft

(Source and a variety of satirical illustrations here
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vir·tue sig·nal·ing [ˈvər-chü ˈsig-nəliŋ]:
origin: (April 18, 2015) British; James Bartholomew, from an article in The Spectator.

med_cat's recent entry, led to discussing another modern term re: social trends.

When I worked high end retail, it was easy to get wrapped up in the glamour of big name labels; if you wore expensive things, people often treated you better, sometimes a lot better, but one day I had to remind myself that buying something by Gucci or Prada did not actually make one a "better" person.

But...what if it could?
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Vaguebooking is any update on a social network (although primarily Facebook) that is intentionally vague. Status updates which fall under the category of vaguebooking can be long or short, but most comprise just a few simple words. Regardless of the length they all have one thing in common – to elicit a response from friends and followers.

While the majority of us will just be clear about something that has happened or why we’re upset, vaguebookers take great delight in beating around the metaphorical bush. Seeking attention while giving away as little as humanly possible.

Definition from the Urban Dictionary, and a few examples

A few more examples (you can even submit the ones you find)

Why it's usually not a good idea:

5 Reasons Vaguebooking is Destroying Your Relationships

The next time your friend posts a vague FB status, reply with this video

A slightly different perspective:

In Defense of Vaguebooking

(cross-posting from [ profile] 1word1day)
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....Back up your LJs to DW, folks....

A detailed analysis of the latest LJ service agreement is below; it is in Russian, if anybody wants/needs me to translate into English, let me know--I can do that in the next week or two.

EDIT: I have done the translation of the especially relevant bits.  The text of the agreement, both in Russian and English, is in bold, [ profile] philologist's comments and my translation of them are in italics.

As [ profile] art_es points out, well--caveat lector, or, in other words, you see the user agreement text, draw your own conclusions. I don't think much of the agreement would necessarily affect English-language, non-political blogs.

However, the promise of ads galore is a bit worrisome...and, the main reason I enjoined everyone to back up their LJs, is that I think LJ will go bankrupt sooner rather than later, and all the actions of the current administration of LJ are hastening its demise.


Originally posted by [ profile] philologist at ЖЖ окончательно взят под контроль ФСБ. Грядет зачистка нелояльных блогеров
Плохие новости. В очередной раз оказались правы скептики, советовавшие менять ЖЖ на автономный блог. Как известно, в конце декабря 2016 года серверы ЖЖ переехали в Россию. Антон Носик тогда доходчиво объяснил, какие практические последствия это будет иметь для простых пользователей: "Идея перетащить серверы ЖЖ в Россию, «поближе к пользователям», не нова: она впервые посетила моего друга Эндрю Полсона в октябре 2006 года, когда компания <суп> заключила с владельцами платформы договор о поддержке кириллического сегмента. В ту пору мне хватило 5 минут, чтобы на пальцах объяснить наивному американскому другу юридические последствия и угрозы такого шага для авторов, комментаторов и читателей ЖЖ. Так что платформа осталась там, где была, на Западном побережье США, и просуществовала там последующие 10 лет.
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Fun fact: Firefox users are the smartest, funniest, best-looking people on the Web. [Citation needed]
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"The property manageer keeps the heat so high in my apartment that my Reese's Peanut Butter Cups melted in the cupboard."

@4eversincelunch sharing a problem with Twitter user @Mickey_McCauley after he asked people to tweet him their "insignificant grievances."

The post received more than 600 repsonses as people shared problems like their dogs refusing to cuddle.

(The Washington Post Express, 2/17/2017)
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"Apparently I've been shopping in all the wrong places for drugs, and all the right places for candy."

@RoyKesey tweeting after President Trump said during his Thursday news condference that our country is "drug-infested," and that "drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars."

His statement led some, such as Twitter user @anchorlines, to ask, "How much does Trump think a candy bar costs?"

(The Washington Post Express, 2/17/2017)

What if Caesar, Churchill and Custer could have tweeted like Trump?

(The Washington Post, 2/17/2017)

A small excerpt below, do take a look at the article for the complete set, in chronological order:

Pharaoh, 1446 B.C.:

“Israelites had to come up with story as to why they were enslaved so long and so badly (400 years) so they made up a story — GOD. Fake news!”

Priam, king of Troy, 1200 B.C.:

“Cassandra says the horse shouldn’t come in the city gates. She’s been losing so long she doesn’t know how to win. Not me!”

Julius Caesar, 44 B.C.:

“Do you believe it? Wife had bad dream, says I can’t go to Senate because I will be murdered. Ridiculous and will be overturned!”

Napoleon, 1812:

“My so-called advisers warning of famine, dysentery, typhus if I invade Russia. Lies! Only emboldens the enemy!”
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Now seems like as good a time as any for an important reminder: Never read the comments.
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First seen on FB and found again via [ profile] mi3ch's LJ--many thanks!

WARNING: this video starts out funny but quickly gets rather...disturbing; viewer discretion advised.
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Read about the film and the message in this article

(I must say, I'd not seen people engaging in such blatant lies...but I have seen people being very selective about what they post...)
Actually...[warning for disturbing content] )


Sep. 2nd, 2014 04:15 pm
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(by Unearthed Comics via ASAP Science FB page)
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So how many of you watch NY Med and saw Katie Duke get fired for her instagram post? If you haven't seen it, you can find out more here.
The article says her employer, NY Presbyterian said it wasn't a HIPAA violation, but I disagree.

'Man vs 6train' gave identifying information to the public about a patient (she said it was the man who was hit by the 6 train; she didn't need to post his name as the media will have already taken care of that); her account identified where she works (thereby identifying that the person is being treated in her hospital - can't release that info to anyone unless the patient or family consents - doubt she got a release) and the actual picture showed the type of treatment the patient received (any person with reasonable medical knowledge can figure out what kind of tx the pt received). They all sound like HIPAA violations to me.

I have been amazed at the number of posts by nurses that I have seen on social media saying this is not a violation of PHI; many of them are arguing that because the media released the name, it's ok. Well, that last time I looked, the media was in a different business. We as licensed healthcare professionals are held to a higher standard by licensure and ethical / legal standards such as HIPAA.
What's your take?

(reposted from the FB page of "The Cruise Academy--Continued education for nurses)

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"A life filled with silly social drama and gossip indicates that a person is disconnected from purpose and lacking meaningful goals.

People on a path of purpose don't have time for drama."

(Brendon Burchard)


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