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Little girl takes hamster who hasn't moved in days to vet - who makes a very odd discovery

Life would be a lot easier - and interesting - if our pets could talk.
As it is, we have to try and guess what's ailing our furry friends when we sense something is amiss.

No one, however - not even an rodent expert - could have guessed what was wrong with one worried little girl's hamster when she took it in to see the vet.


Scientists found 2 new primates, and they look like the best 'Star Wars' character.

This Awesome Periodic Table Tells You How to Actually Use All Those Elements

(you can download a printable version, too)


A Critical Look at "Dr." Robert Young's Theories and Credentials, which also explains in lay terms why all those "excess acidity in your blood is the cause for 99% of all illnesses" claims are utter nonsense.

A bit of retro-futurism:

How Soviet Artists Imagined Communist Life in Space

Vocabulary, reading, and writing:

The Grandiloquent Word of the Day 2018 Wall Calendar--take a look at some sample pages, and perhaps even make a pledge? ;)

Medieval Women Writers

A Guide to Writing Sherlockian Tea Habits

British Idioms, from Agatha Christie's Works

“Quite off his crumpet” - he’s crazy
“All at sixes and sevens” - confused
“Looking after number one” - taking care of yourself first
“He gets my goat” - he annoys me
“As sure as eggs is eggs” - something is certain
“Dying duck in a thunderstorm” - feeling blue, woebegone
“Spinach and Gammon” - nonsense
“Quite another pair of shoes” - quite a different matter
“Nineteen to the dozen” - very fast
“In my eyes and Betty Martin” - complete nonsense
“Thin edge of the wedge” - the beginning of a harmful development
“Cross-grained” - a person who’s hard to deal with
“Keep your pecker up” - stay cheerful
“A goose is walking over my grave” - sudden feeling of chilliness
“The wind’s in the quarter” - something is suspicious
“That cat won’t jump” - that idea isn’t going to work
“Have a butcher’s” - have a look
“I’ll knock you up” - I’ll visit you

Applied psychology:

5 things I didn't want to hear when I was grieving and 1 thing that helped.

(nothing earth-shattering, but well-written)

Maryland attractions:

North Beach: Exploring a Local Gem
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