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(this one is with propaganda posters, priceless)

One more version, the pictures in it mostly match the lyrics:

(also, I love the knowledge of geography the speaker displays :P)
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([ profile] duathir--here you are)
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A bit (or maybe more than a bit) over the top, but perhaps some of you might find it amusing ;)
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Ich beholde emeraude treen, and eke roses redde,
For me and yow thei bloome on the mede,
And methinketh, ywis, what a merveil ys thys worlde

Lo, azur skyes and cloudes pearl-lyned
The fayre bright daye, the nightes sacred shryne,
And methinketh, ywis, what a merveil ys thys worlde

The colors of the rainbowe have beauté yn the welkin
And also goodlye faces of the folke that walke and wenden

Looke upon felawes shakinge handes, askinge 'how fareth yt wyth thee?'
But trewleye thei yntend to sayen 'thou art beloved by me.'

Ich hear the cryinge babes, Ich see as thei grow,
Thei shal know more than Ich evir know
And methinketh, ywis, what a merveil ys thys worlde

Aye, mekinketh, ywis, what a merveil ys thys worlde

(heere endeth Chauceres translacioun of the songe of What a Merveil Ys Thys Worlde)

(done by ChaucerDothTweet)

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Friends have shown me these, last week; thought I'd share...

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(that's the only video I could find of the song with these lyrics...yeah, I don't know why the penguins, either ;))

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Children's version:

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*--a Russian phrase similar in meaning to "bats in the belfry)
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I know it's a bit late, but I thought you might enjoy anyway...:)

Found via [ profile] elenbarathi--many thanks!

These two by Gwydion Pendderwen are rather somber but lyrical:

Return of the King:

Lyrics: )

The Wintery Queen:

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And this one is funny:
(Santa Claus is Pagan Too, by Emerald Rose)
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It's quite different from all other versions; do take a listen ;)

([ profile] debriswoman and [ profile] lindahoyland--I think you will especially like this one ;))
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(the lyrics in this last one below are a bit naughty, don't say I didn't warn you...:P)

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...Those who spread hate and sow discord, who disseminate prejudice and bigotry, and poison susceptible minds, definitely belong on the list!

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(Here you are, [ profile] elenbarathi, [ profile] duathir and [ profile] thnidu)

Здесь полный вариант песни.. и даже больше, чем полный!
Январь, 1979. У Туманова.


Я вам, ребяты, на мозги не капаю,
Но вот он - перегиб и парадокс:
Ковой-то выбирают римским папою -
Ковой-то запирают в тесный бокс.

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A lecture about international relations, given by a man arrested for a 15-day term for petty vandalism, to his cell-mates

'M not tryin' to befuddle you, guys,
But here's overdoin' it, a real paradox, this:
One person is elected to be the Roman Pope,
And another is locked up in a crowded prison cell.

All the best places have been snatched up by those with connections
And they're now keepin' low, hoping things will turn in their favor--
Meanwhile, in the entire good country of Italy
There was no suitable candidate for a Pope!

Eh, it's  a pity I got lassoed at the wrong time--
I'd guzzle down a glass [of liquor] and head straight to Vatican!

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([ profile] duathir and [ profile] thnidu--another one for you; one of his best, IMHO)

Я не люблю фатального исхода,
От жизни никогда не устаю.
Я не люблю любое время года,
В которое я песен не пою.
Я не люблю холодного цинизма,
В восторженность не верю, и еще -
Когда чужой мои читает письма,
Заглядывая мне через плечо.

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Translation of lyrics:

I do not like lethal outcomes,
I never tire of life,
I do not like any time of year
During which I don't sing cheerful songs.
I don't like cold cynicism,
I don't believe puppy-eyed delight, either, and also--
I don't like when a stranger reads my letters,
Looking over my shoulder.

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(Do watch through to the end, there's a very amusing tidbit)
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From "Letters of Note" FB pg:

Leonard Cohen's recent letter to his dying muse, Marianne Ihlen, takes on a new poignancy with the sad news of his death.

same in text format: )

(thanks to [ profile] avmalgin for the video link!)


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