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Something funny for your Wednesday :)

Picture of the Day in the UK Telegraph, August 11th

Dancers from 'Tutu', perform at St Margaret's Loch in their spoof Swan Lake costumes in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Their Edinburgh Festival Fringe show is an invitation to those who love dance to experience familiar favourites, in an opportunity to explore some of the most famous and significant works in the repertoire from Swan Lake to Pina Bausch in a fun way with with a twist.

Lots more pics can be found via Google Image Search ;))
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The Eclipse of the Sun, 1820

High on her speculative tower
Stood Science waiting for the hour
When Sol was destined to endure
That darkening of his radiant face
Which Superstition strove to chase,
Erewhile, with rites impure.

By William Wordsworth

Originally posted by [ profile] duathir at William Wordsworth, 'The Eclipse of the Sun, 1820'

Also, some great photos of the eclipse here:

Stare all you want at these incredible eclipse images, from Gizmodo
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Oiginally posted by [ profile] rubyelf at I promised you a nature post..., who kindly gave me permission to share :) Many thanks!

So here is is... these are pictures from my walk yesterday. I think it was yesterday. I had class today and it fried my brain a little. There's still not much going on as far as flowers or leaves, but I did find some pink acorns...

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P.S. Although Chris Hemsworth is not generally my type (not that I know what my type is, other than a sarcastic smartass), I cannot deny the hotness and honestly, the man just gets better with age, so... I found some things to share with those of you who mentioned your fondness for him, starting with the picture in my icon, which is from him guest hosting "Saturday Night Live".
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Originally posted by [ profile] rose_cat at Christmas has come and the animals are cute
Merry (belated) Christmas :)


Sea lion Bella gives her keeper Sam Clark a smooch, Blair Drummond Safari Park, Scotland

Eleven more pics and two embedded videos under the cut.

eleven more pics and two embedded videos, all child/work-safe )
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Originally posted by [ profile] browngirl--many thanks for sharing the beauty of the Universe with us :)
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Originally posted by [ profile] asakiyume at post it again, this time with attribution;
, and found via [ profile] browngirl--many thanks to both! :)

I saw the beautiful image below--straight out of a children's story or a fable--on Facebook, but with no attribution. Some clever photographer had caught this moment of convivial interspecies refreshment, but who?

Fortunately, these days, you can put a photo's url into Google Images and search it out, and by doing so, I found it was by Toshiyasu Morita, a photographer who mainly makes portraits of cosplayers--but who also likes to photograph hummingbirds (and their bee friends).

Its original location on the interwebs is this post on Audubon California's blog.

So now we can make up stories about this hummingbird and those bees, and we can thank Mr. Morita for capturing the moment and sharing it with us.

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Nov 17

Just strolling along the beach with some baby wombats - no biggie! More Fan Photos here (Photo: )

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Born near the end of the 19th Century, Irving Berlin went on to become a celebrated composer of American popular music that was to influence generations of song lovers.

*Berlin was born in Russia in 1888 and died in New York in 1989 at the age of 101.
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Originally posted by [ profile] nic_angel at кофе дальних странствий

чашка кофе в саламанке, испания.
(in Salamanca, Spain)

It's a cafe and hostel named after Erasmus of Rotterdam, look! I was just thinking the other week, that a conversation I was having very much reminded him of one of his Dialogues, "A dialogue of two deaf men".
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Originally posted by [ profile] mi3ch at немного истории

1964. Битлы читают письма от поклонников

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(from Beautiful Photos of the World FB pg)

("You don't have to do it right, you just have to do something" --Good Juju on FB)

Let's not let perfectionism hold us back. As my niece, Emily, once said as a young girl, "Practice makes progress because perfection isn't possible."

Let's just take the next baby step toward the life that speaks to our heart.

cecilia, the good juju goddess
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Celebrating 177 Years of Photography

Today is World Photo Day, marking the invention of photography. Here's to the images that give us new perspective on the world, bringing us closer together.
...It's good if _that_ is the outcome...;)

I must also say that I am continually amazed by the technological advances of photography in the last few decades...

Celebrate World Photography Day with this 1894 carbon print by Alfred Stieglitz, "A Wet Day on the Boulevard, Paris."

Born in 1864, Stieglitz began to photograph while a studying in Berlin in the 1880s. He was a fierce defender of photography's artistic merit. On his return to the United States in 1890, he began to advocate for photography to be considered an art form.

Stieglitz's own photographs were central to his understanding of the medium. He often experimented with different printing processes. In this photograph, he captures an intersection along the Boulevard des Italiens—the heart of urban planner Baron Haussmann’s new Paris. Do you notice anything unusual? The artist used a textured watercolor paper to convey the rippled and shimmering appearance of a rain-soaked street.

Alfred Stieglitz, "A Wet Day on the Boulevard, Paris," 1894, carbon print, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Alfred Stieglitz Collection

Cool pic

Jan. 21st, 2016 07:17 am
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(from Jesse Wentworth in Star Trek: The Original Series-Remembered FB group)
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On very diverse topics, and in no particular order:

A rare 'monkey orchid' is shown in Fukushima Aquarium in Japan

Science jokes

15 best books of 2015, from Brainpickings

Remembering Oliver Sacks, from Brainpickings

Left Turn No Turn Right Turn Stop, a short SH story by wordybirdy. ("Holmes learns to drive a dog-cart. London evacuates en masse.")

Watchers flock to Prospect Park in New York to see a rare bird

Here's the bird: a painted bunting:

The facts behind the most common misconceptions about space, from Science Alert

Is gratitude selfish?

How to properly use positive thinking (rather in line with what Zig Ziglar had said/written)

When "Queen Victoria" delivered a baby

([ profile] browngirl--you must read this last one ;))


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