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A Traveler's Tarantella
Joseph Ashby-Sterry
Written in ‘Murray’s Handbook’ while the band in the Piazza San Marco was playing the Tarantella
from Masanielio.


All that the tourist can dream of or hear about,
Crowds on your sight as you carelessly peer about,
Quaint water streets you so carefully steer about,
     See the Rialto, and Square of St. Mark!
Floating in gondolas, laughing and jollity,
Cyprian wine of the very best quality,
At Florian’s caffè—mid fun and frivolity—
     Venice delightful from daylight to dark!
          Musicians in plenty,
          Play ‘Ecco ridente,’
or 'Com'è gentil,’ in the still summer night;
                       If you’re in a hurry,
                       Pray look in your Murray
You’ll find his description is perfectly right!
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med_cat: (cat in dress) located in Key West, Florida. This is their website:; there's even a kitty cam, check it out :)

The photos below are from our visit there in 2006, [ profile] kavery had a post about Hemingway Home ( and she suggested I post the photos, as others might like to see them. So here you are:

The Hemingway House and garden

The overall view of the house and garden. Hemingway lived there with his third wife, who was the editor of Vogue.
Several more photos of the house, garden, and cats )


May. 31st, 2011 09:45 am
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(St. Martin, interior of island)
3 pictures from the butterfly farm at St. Martin )
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El Morro is a fortress in Puerto Rico. This fortress has been in active use from the 15th through the 19th century and is now a museum.
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