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Originally posted by [ profile] rose_cat at Christmas has come and the animals are cute
Merry (belated) Christmas :)


Sea lion Bella gives her keeper Sam Clark a smooch, Blair Drummond Safari Park, Scotland

Eleven more pics and two embedded videos under the cut.

eleven more pics and two embedded videos, all child/work-safe )
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(I'm impressed with how well they trained the dogs...or do you think a bit of video montage is also involved?)

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“Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them and it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!” -- Author Neil Gaiman
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"Я пришла из службы опеки и хочу видеть детскую комнату"
"I am from the Child Welfare Agency and I want to see the child's bedroom..."
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I know it's a bit late, but I thought you might enjoy anyway...:)

Found via [ profile] elenbarathi--many thanks!

These two by Gwydion Pendderwen are rather somber but lyrical:

Return of the King:

Lyrics: )

The Wintery Queen:

Lyrics: )

And this one is funny:
(Santa Claus is Pagan Too, by Emerald Rose)
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Originally posted by [ profile] kavery at Рождественские открытки знаменитого биолога
Ух ты, что я нашла!

Тому, кто изучал биологию наверняка известно имя Эрнста Геккеля, ученого-биолога.

Если очень коротко , то вот первая строка из Википедии

Эрнст Ге́нрих Фили́пп А́вгуст Ге́ккель (нем. Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel; 1834—1919) — немецкий естествоиспытатель и философ. Автор терминов питекантроп, филогенез, онтогенез и экология.
Далее идет подробная статья о всех его открытиях.

Но кроме того, что он был ученым, он был прекрасным художником. Широко известен его "Атласа Природных Форм" (Kunstformen der Natur, 1904).

Но как оказалось, рисовал он не только сугубо научные вещи. Ему принадлежат рисунки рождественских открыток, в которых он использовал рисунки всяких разных природных форм. В конце 19 века тематика рождественских открыток была весьма разнообразной, и в это "странное" время праздников вполне подходящими изображениями на открытках были всякие диковинки.
Как вам такая тематика?
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Another Christmas Carol: A Yuletide Fable

Book's description:

"Charles Dickens left us with the notion that Ebenezer Scrooge was "better than his word and became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man as the good old city knew."

Another Christmas Carol, by author Lee E. Woodard, picks up where Dickens left off. This story chronicles the life and times of Scrooge from the point of his reclamation throughout the balance of his life.

As the trials and tribulations of everyday life in Victorian London come alive, Woodard's continuing story highlights Scrooge's interaction with the Cratchit family and the other wonderful characters Dickens created.

As Scrooge attempts to spread his newfound happiness, he is forced to deal with painful parts of his past and must once again connect with the spirit world to fulfill his destiny.

What was true in Dickens' original classic work is true yet again. Relive the joy of the familiar characters as they grow up, grow old, and live out their lives."

Have a look via the Look Inside feature, folks--what d'you think? I must say I'm not terribly impressed...
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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Carbuncle - John Gielgud & Ralph Richardson

"I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes upon the second morning after Christmas, with the intention of wishing him the compliments of the season. He was lounging upon the sofa in a purple dressing-gown, a pipe-rack within his reach upon the right, and a pile of crumpled morning papers, evidently newly studied, near at hand. Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and on the angle of the back hung a very seedy and disreputable hard felt hat, much the worse for wear, and cracked in several places. A lens and a forceps lying upon the seat of the chair suggested that the hat had been suspended in this manner for the purpose of examination."

Read a poem on the subject, "Two days after Christmas", here
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"Skewed Scrooge", from today's "The Washington Post", about the multiple theatre versions of this play.

Have a look--quite an interesting article; I never knew there are so many different versions.

([ profile] lindahoyland and [ profile] debriswoman--I think you will find this of interest :)

Smile ;)

Dec. 25th, 2015 08:09 am
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(Edgar Allan Poe returns a Christmas gift)

Also see this cartoon and this one for further amusement ;)
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Heard this on the radio a few days ago and was surprised that I hadn't heard it before ;)

He definitely gets the Baltimore accent right :P

"Crabs for Christmas":

Another song, by the same fellow:

"Aluminum Christmas Tree"

And an Australian Xmas song, about Santa being pulled along by six white kangaroos:
(thanks to [ profile] capt_facepalm for pointing this one out ;))

"Six White Boomers":

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Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today ;)

(from Star Trek--the Original Series--Remembered FB group)
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Merry Christmas to everyone who's celebrating it today!

(from Jack Sorenson, on FB)

...because, as I happened to discover the other week, "Jingle Bells" actually has 3 more verses, which are not sung these days. I think the picture must be illustrating the 2nd verse:

A day or two ago
I thought I'd take a ride
And soon, Miss Fanny Bright
Was seated by my side,
The horse was lean and lank
Misfortune seemed his lot
He got into a drifted bank
And then we got upsot.


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