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Do take a look, it's less than two minutes long and quite interesting ;)

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(Do watch through to the end, there's a very amusing tidbit)
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(via Victorian History FB pg)

DAVID FROST presents Puss In Boots (1972 UK LP, also featuring Judi Dench, Michael Williams, John Gower, John Cater & Jeremy Brett amongst others, with orchestra conducted by Pete Moore
So What Have I Got
The Bunny Swing
Help Don't Panic
Why Do They Have To Call Me Names
Moggy The Mogre
Spring Is Springing

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Rufus Wainwright

I've heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do you?
It goes like this
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Read more... )
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A behind the scenes feature and interview package from a 1989 edition of 'This Morning'. The piece features interviews with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke on location filminmg 'The Boscombe Valley Mystery'

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Jeremy Brett reading Elizabethan love poetry

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It is the 100th anniversary of the publication of Ford Madox Ford’s pre-First World War novel, The Good Soldier, a seminal book of the 20th century. It opens with this sentence: “This is the saddest story I ever heard,”–spoken by the narrator, John Dowell—my part, in the Granada TV adaptation filmed in 1980.

Read further:
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Something for your Friday :) One of the best works in video montage, the scenes match the music wonderfully.
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Jeremy Brett 2013 Weekly Planner

With 16 colour photographs, and special pages for your personal details, daily/weekly appointments, and general notes, this 140-page 2013 weekly planner is perfect for fans and admirers of the talented British actor that was Jeremy Brett.

The photos present some of the most well-loved of Jeremy's performances, in such productions as "An Ideal Husband", "Dracula", "Rebecca", and "Sherlock Holmes", to name but a few.

The planner was created with The Krasnodog Animal Shelter, located in the city of Krasnodar, Russia. Founded in 2003, the shelter looks after and finds new homes for sick, injured, and unwanted cats and dogs.
It receives no government funding.

€5 from every sale shall be donated to the shelter.

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Are you a big fan of Jeremy Brett's? Are you good with graphics? Would you like to assist us in the construction of our new website? If you can answer "yes" without hesitation to all three of these questions, then we would like to hear from you.

We are looking for someone who can make excellent screenshots, create high quality picture banners, logos, favicons, etc.

We are looking for someone:

- Who has excellent knowledge of Photoshop and other related software.
- Who is "available", and who does not have a tendency to ignore emails when aware of a tight schedule.
- Who is not already working for another team or website.
- Who has a good knowledge of English or French, in order to avoid any eventual misunderstandings. Our team works fluently in both languages.

Please note all work done for us is unpaid, but we may provide free advertising for you within our website if desired.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us via email, at Tell us about yourself, and send us a sample of your work.

Offer closes on 31st October at 10pm GMT.
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"There are very, very few people who can play Sherlock Holmes, and there have been so many and so few good ones," Moffat tells Fresh Air's TV critic David Bianculli. "In truth, you've got the mighty Basil Rathbone, the mighty Jeremy Brett and a few others. There are just not that many who transcend the role and change the role."

On the importance of Dr. Watson

"If you look at any good version of Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson is every bit as important as Sherlock Holmes, and some would argue more so, because he's our conduit to Sherlock Holmes. He's the person to whom, in a way, the story happens. We are more emotionally resonant with Dr. Watson than with Sherlock Holmes because Sherlock Holmes is a hard man to empathize with."

(Source: NPR interview; you can read the highlights and listen to the full audio HERE

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Follow-up to:

Our tree has now been purchased. The dedication reads:
"In Fond Memory of JEREMY BRETT (1933-1995).
'The Man who mastered the Master.'"
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Later today, we shall be purchasing a tree in memory of Jeremy Brett. This tree shall be planted in the flagship Diamond Wood in Normanton le Heath, Leicestershire, UK. The tree will be planted in the Woodland Trust Supporters' Grove, along with all the others planted in celebration of Her Majesty The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Within a few short years, the site will become a flourishing woodland jewel, providing a home for wildlife for years to come. We think that Jeremy would have liked that very much. Details of the tree's planting will also be noted in The Woodland Trust's Royal Record.

(from Posthumous BAFTA 4 JB FB page)

Позже сегодня мы заплатим за посадку дерева в память о Джереми Бретте. Это дерево посадят в Бриллиантовом Лесу в Нормантон-ле-Хис ( в графстве Лейстершир в Великобритании). Это дерeво посадят в роще Спонсоров Лесного Фонда вместе со всеми другими деревьями, которые будут посажены в честь Бриллиантовой годовщины Её Величества Королевы. Через несколько лет это место превратится в замечательный лес, в котором смогут жить дикие животные. Мы думаем, что Джереми это очень бы понравилось. Подробности о посадке дерева также будут вписаны в Королевский регистрационный журнал Лесного Фонда.

(со страницы Фейсбук БАФТА для Дж.Б.)
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Джереми Бретту награду БАФТА не присудили

1 мая 2012 г.

К сожалению, мы вынуждены сообщить вам, что Британская Академия Кино- и Телеисскусства не будет оказывать Джереми Бретту почесть, присудив ему награду посмертно. Наша петиция, досье и письмо были обсуждены на собрании Телевизионной Комиссии Академии в январе. Тем не менее, несмотря на то, что многие ведущие актёры, режиссёры и продюсеры поддержали наше начинание, Совет Директоров решил не изменять своих правил о присуждении посмертных наград. 

Г-жа Келли Смит, глава отдела Телевидения и Видеоигр в БАФТА сообщила нам эту информацию, написав следующее:

"Подтверждаем, что награды БАФТА выдаются за выдающееся мастерство в определённых категориях в течение прошедшего года на наших ежегодных церемониях вручения наград.  Эти награды могут быть присуждены тому, кто скончался после окончания работы, которая заслуживала награды, но до даты церемонии вручения наград. Согласно этим правилам, Хис Леджер получил награду БАФТА за Лучшую Второстепенную Роль, которую он сыграл как Джокер в фильме "Тёмный Рыцарь", хотя он и скончался до даты вручения наград.

Академия также присуждает ещё два вида наград: Особые награды и Членские награды, которые даются в знак признания выдающегося вклада в индустрию кино, телевидения или видеоигр за общий обьём работ. Однако же, несколько лет назад, наш Совет Директоров принял решение, что эти награды не будут присуждать посмертно."

Итак...мы не смогли добиться того, чтобы БАФТА признала талант и заслуги Джереми. Но тем не менее, мы гордимся тем, что совершили попытку это сделать. Мы также очень гордимся и глубоко благодарны за всю поддержку, полученную от актёров, работников телеиндустрии, продюсеров и режиссёров.

И самое главное, мы хотели бы сказать ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО всем поклонникам таланта Джереми Бретта, которые присоединились к нам в этом начинании. Спасибо вам за вашу веру в то, чего мы хотели добиться. Благодаря вам, Джереми Бретт и его фильмы приобрели дополнительную известность во всех странах мира. Мы будем всегда благодарны вам за это.

А нашим критикам, в особенности тем из них, которые считали нашу кампанию "нереалистичной", мы хотели бы сообщить, что с самого начала компании, наше контактное лицо в БАФТА, а также бывшие и настоящие члены Академии полагали, что мы действительно сможем чего-то добиться. Если бы это было не так, нашу работу не могли бы обсуждать во время официальных заседаний. Мы не добились успеха. Но мы сделали попытку, приложив все возможные усилия. Большего сделать мы не могли.

И как последнее примечание, мы хотим сообщить, что мы очень благодарны за вежливость, с которой к нам отнеслась г-жа Смит. Переписываться с ней было действительно приятно.

Для тех, кого это интересует, мы будем продолжать сообщать вам о том, что дальше будет делать наша команда. Следите за этим сайтом.

Ещё раз, СПАСИБО вам за подписи и поддержку!

С уважением и благодарностью,

Команда БАФТА для Дж.Б.


Перевод мой.
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No BAFTA for Jeremy Brett

We regret to inform you that The British Academy of Film and Television Arts will not be honouring Jeremy Brett with a posthumous Award.  Our petition, dossier and letter were discussed at the Academy’s Television Committee meeting which took place at the end of January.  However, despite all of our support from several leading actors, producers and directors, the Board of Trustees decided that their initial decisions on posthumous Awards would not change.

Ms. Kelly Smith, Head of Television and Video Games within BAFTA relayed the information to us, saying:

     To confirm BAFTA Awards are given for excellence in particular categories at our awards ceremonies for their work in the Awards year.  These awards may still be presented to someone who died between the completion of their award-winning performance and the date of the ceremony itself.  In keeping with this policy, Heath Ledger for example won a BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight, even though he died before the date of presentation.

     The Academy also honours individuals with either Special Awards or Fellowships, which recognise outstanding contribution to the film, television or video games industries for overall bodies of work.  However, our Board of Trustees decided a number of years ago that these honours should not bestowed posthumously.

So… we couldn’t get BAFTA to recognise Jeremy’s talent and work.  But we are however proud to have made a try for it.  We are also very proud and thankful for all of the support which we received, be it from actors, television executives, producers or directors.

Most of all, we would like to say a big big THANK YOU to all of Jeremy’s fans and admirers who joined us on our venture.  Thanks to you and to your belief in what we were trying to do, Jeremy Brett and his work received a big bag of publicity all over the world.  We shall forver be grateful for that.

To our critics, and especially to those who thought our campaign “unrealistic”, we would like to point out that from the start, our contact at BAFTA, as well as past and present members of the Academy thought that we may indeed be able to achieve something.  Had this not been the case, none of our work would have been discussed at any official meetings.  We did not succeed.  But we tried.  We did our very best.  We could have done nothing more.

On a last note, we would like it to be known that we are very grateful for the politeness shown us by Ms. Smith.  It was indeed a pleasure to correspond with her.

For those whom it may interest, we shall continue to update you as to what will become of our team.  Please stay tuned.

Once again, THANK YOU for your support!

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Following on from a small thread of comments below: some of you may be concerned that you have not / shall not see Jeremy Brett's name in the list of 2012 BAFTA nominees. This is completely normal, as the Academy has a series of awards of which the winners are not designated through nomination, but rather through deliberations of the Television Committee. It is one of these awards which Jeremy Brett is eligible for.

Please note also that there are many more Awards in existance than the ones which we see being given on the television ceremony, which is actually a set of highlights of the most "important" or most "popular" ones. Some awards are not given at the ceremony at all, but "internally". It is for this reason that BAFTA have agreed to consider our dossier at their next Television Committee meeting, as well as the fact that we are aware of their "internal system". So if Jeremy gets his Award, but you don't see his name in the list of nominees, don't worry. It is completely normal! ;)

После некоторых комментариев на нашей странице в Фейсбук мы решили дать разьяснения: некоторые из вас, может быть, не понимают, почему Джереми Бретт не включён в список кандидатов на награды БАФТА 2012г. Это совершенно в порядке вещей, поскольку Академия имеет несколько наград, которые выдаются не путём представления кандидатур, а согласно решению Телевизионного Комитета. Мы просим о присуждению Джереми Бретту именно такой награды.

Пожалуйста, также примите к сведению, что наград Академия выдаёт куда больше, чем те, которые показывают по телевидению. Показывают только самые крупные и известные виды наград. Некоторые награды вообще вручаются не на церемонии, а в частном порядке. Именно по этой причине БАФТА согласилась рассмотреть наше досье на следующем собрании Телевизионного Комитета. Так что если Джереми получит награду, но вы не увидите его имени в списке кандидатур, не беспокойтесь, так и должно быть! ;)

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We have just had word that our Dossier has been received by BAFTA. As you all may know, the Academy decided some years ago not to bestow awards posthumously. HOWEVER... they have both decided and agreed to discuss our Petition and letter at their upcoming Television Committee meeting (January)!
Мы только что узнали, что наше досье было получено комиссией БАФТА. Как вы, возможно, знаете, Академия несколько лет назад приняла решение не выдавать награды посмертно. Тем не менее, они решили и согласились обсудить нашу петицию во время предстоящего собрания Комитета по Телевидению (в январе 2012 г.)
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Promotional Poster for BAFTA 4 JB's "A Posthumous BAFTA for Jeremy Brett" Campaign, created June 2011. 
NOTE: If you wish to re-post this poster in order to publicize the campaign, you may do so.  Please PM [ profile] muskyncense  if you are doing so.  You must host the image yourself, and you MUST NOT alter it!
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“Perhaps the greatest of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries is this: that when we talk of him we invariably fall into the fancy of his existence.”

- T.S. Eliot (from a review of The Complete Sherlock Holmes Short Stories, 1929)

“This is what keeps readers returning to the Holmes tales: no matter how many times they are read, they remain fresh and engaging, full of vivid characters, ingenious plot twists, flashes of darkness and dread and the hint of the otherworldly, yet always grounded in the reassuring familiarity of the sitting room of 221B Baker Street, where the fire crackles, the gas-lamp burns, the fog swirls past the window, and Holmes and Watson are settled in their chairs, ready for the next client to appear. We all know that however bizarre and terrible their case may be, however puzzling and frightening events may seem, all will be well. It is a reassuring image, one that has endured for more than one hundred and twenty years, and that will undoubtedly endure for at least many more to come. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson: fixed points in a changing age. Long may they live, and long may readers continue to enjoy their wonderful world where it is always 1895.”

Christopher and Barbara Roden - The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Introduction
As Watson bellows Holmes’s name repeatedly over the falls, we see Holmes clinging to the hillside some distance
away, watching his friend. At one moment it almost seems as though he is about to respond with a cry of ‘Watson’, but then he stops himself.

Brett explained:

‘That was deliberate. It wasn’t in the script but I just wanted to show that Holmes had affections for Watson and for a fleeting second they almost get the better of his practical mind. But they don’t. [Large Brett grin.] It is a moment.’

( from ”Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes")~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(collected from Tumblr)


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